What are the Side Effects of Proton Therapy?2016-02-14T20:46:17+00:00

Q. What are the Side Effects of Proton Therapy?

A. Minimal to no side effects, compared to conventional forms of radiation. Much more easily tolerated than standard radiation therapy.

What Kinds of Tumors are Best Treated by Proton Therapy?2016-02-14T20:46:39+00:00

Q. What Kinds of Tumors are Best Treated by Proton Therapy?

A. Tumors that are localized and have not spread to distant areas of the body.

Why is Proton Therapy so Limited in its Availability ?2016-07-11T15:49:51+00:00

Q. Why is Proton Therapy so Limited in its Availability?

A. Proton therapy had been limited to physics research labs until 1990. And like most new technologies, building a proton center can be an expensive endeavor for most universities and academic medical centers. 

How Does Proton Therapy Work?2016-02-14T20:47:22+00:00

Q. How does Proton Therapy Work?

A. Proton therapy is the most precise and advanced form of radiation treatment today. It primarily radiates the tumor site, leaving surrounding healthy tissue and organs intact. Conventional x-ray radiation often radiates healthy tissue in its path and surrounding the tumor site. Chemotherapy moves throughout the entire body, unlike radiation and surgery which are considered “site specific” treatments.

What is Proton Therapy ?2016-02-14T20:45:36+00:00

Q. What is Proton Therapy?

A. Proton therapy, also called Proton beam therapy, is the most advanced radiation therapy available today – it destroys cancer cells but does not attack surrounding healthy tissue nearly as much as traditional radiation therapy does. Proton therapy, a kind of particle therapy, directs proton beams with great precision at cancer cells. In proton therapy, a high energy beam of protons, instead of high energy X-rays, is used to deliver a dose of radiation therapy to cancer patients.