Providence Proton Therapy – Example of Partnering & Structure in Working with Health Systems & Physicians

Providence Therapy’s approach to partnering with Health Systems & Physicians to bring a Proton Center to a location can vary with the individual situation. Providence Therapy leadership will engage with the Health System & Physicians to understand their specific needs and the needs of the market and present a structure and model that represents the best chance of being successful and especially in meeting the needs of Patients.

However, it is Providence Proton Therapy’s general structure and model is one where Providence and it’s Team of experts finance, build, own, and operate the Proton Center on land provided by the Health System with each having specific responsibilities.

Providence Proton Therapy Responsibilities

  • Provides Financing for the Proton Center
  • Constructs New Proton Center
  • Provides Operational Oversight for the Proton Center
  • Has Responsibilities for Management and Technical Staff
  • Bills & Collects Technical Fees for the Proton Center

Health System & Physicians Responsibilities

  • Provides Clinical Leadership for the Proton Center
  • Provides Radiation Oncologists for the Center
  • Assists in Determining Appropriate Clinical Staffing for the Center
  • Assists in Determining Standards of Care for the Patients of the Proton Center
  • Bills & Collects Professional Fees for the Proton Center (Unless Global Billing is Required or a Strategic Advantage)